Guinea-Bissau Health 2018

The Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) track performance and quality of service delivery in primary schools and frontline health facilities across Africa and other regions of the world. The indicators can be used to track progress within and across countries over time and aim to enhance the active monitoring of service delivery to increase public accountability and good governance. They transform the way the quality of social services are measured, and in so doing, how countries develop policies and design interventions to improve health and education outcomes around the globe.

Service Delivery Indicators

The SDI survey was implemented in Guinea-Bissau between March and April of 2018 over a period of six weeks. The survey collected information from 1,522 health care providers across 132 health facilities, reaching all public health facilities, of all levels, in the country except for the Military Hospital for which access was not granted. 

Preparation for implementation began several months prior to data collection. An extensive process of consultation with the Ministry of Health and Development Partners was undertaken to adjust and validate the survey instrument and data collection methodology to the context of Guinea-Bissau. In this process, the SDI questionnaire was carefully reviewed with different stakeholders, and specifics related to facility locations, facility types, medicines, health worker cadres, clinical guidelines and facility management/financing practices were incorporated. Having reached consensus on the survey instrument, content, and data collection methodologies, ethical clearance for the implementation of the survey and analysis was granted by the National Institute of Health (Instituto Nacional de Saude- INASA) of Guinea-Bissau. All survey modules, including the clinical vignettes, observations, and patient interviews were programmed for tablet-based data collection.

The training and data collection process was undertaken as a partnership between the National Institute of Statistics (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica-INE) and the National Institute of Health (Instituto Nacional de Saude- INASA) of Guinea-Bissau.


World Bank Service Delivery Indicator Data Site

At the moment, datasets for these surveys have not yet made available to the public.