Indonesia Education 2019

The Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) track performance and quality of service delivery in primary schools and frontline health facilities across Africa and other regions of the world. The indicators can be used to track progress within and across countries over time and aim to enhance the active monitoring of service delivery to increase public accountability and good governance. They transform the way the quality of social services is measured, and in so doing, how countries develop policies and design interventions to improve health and education outcomes around the globe.

Service Delivery Indicators

The Indonesian SDI survey was conducted from February to March 2019. The objective of the survey was to support system improvements at the Government of Indonesia’s (GoI) request for both Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) and Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) schools, with a focus on MoRA’s system. This survey expands on the World Bank’s SDI survey by including additional modules such as the Development World Management Survey and a Parent Motivation Survey. Information was collected from 350 public and private primary schools in Indonesia, as well as from a sample of 3,169 teachers, to measure absence rates, 1,838 teachers to assess their knowledge, 3,368 Grade 4 students to assess their learning results, and 2,107 households to assess parental school choice decisions. The focus of the survey was on religious schools managed by MoRA, which tend to be Islamic schools commonly called madrasahs, but include other religions as well, together with schools under MoEC in both urban and rural areas. Results presented in this report are representative of MoRA Islamic schools at the national level but are not representative of MoEC and MoRA non-Islamic schools. While the sample size was too small in these two categories to be nationally representative, they are included here for indicative comparison purposes. The results present a portrait of the quality of services and the physical environment in which primary education services are provided.


World Bank Service Delivery Indicator Data Site

At the moment, datasets for these surveys have not yet made available to the public.