Datasets for a total of 21 SDI surveys are publicly available on the World Bank’s Microdata Library for World Bank staff and other external users such as academics, students, policymakers and donors. SDI data published in the Microdata Library follow strict harmonization and anonymization protocols. Datasets are also accompanied by a full set of supporting documentation (e.g. questionnaires, metadata, anonymization protocols, etc.) to allow proper replication of results.


SDI Health Data


Datasets provide information on:

  • Health facility’s infrastructure, medical equipment and drug availability
  • Full rosters of health workers and their qualifications
  • Health worker’s knowledge measured using patient case simulations on symptoms of high-burden diseases
  • Perception and satisfaction of visiting clients (only for some countries)
  • Health provider’s caseload and absenteeism
  • Sampling weights


SDI Education Data


Datasets provide information on:

  • School’s resources and infrastructure
  • Full-roster of teachers and their qualifications
  • Teacher’s knowledge measured using content knowledge and pedagogical assessments like teacher observation
  • Fourth-grade knowledge assessment on math, language, and non-verbal reasoning
  • Teacher’s absenteeism in school and classrooms, and time spent on teaching tasks
  • Sampling weights


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