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What can the SDI tell us about COVID-19 preparedness?

SDI can provide a benchmark to assess whether health systems could sustain services during large-scale emergencies as COVID-19. A new note analyzes SDI data, highlights aspects of health service preparedness, and proposes innovations to measure pandemic preparedness.
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SDI: Insights into the Quality of Health and Education

The Analytical Report presents the lessons learned from implementing SDI surveys across 10 African countries, providing guidance to policymakers to improve the quality of health and education systems, and build back better after COVID-19.
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SDI data at work: Africa's enrollment without learning

The article "Enrollment without Learning: Teacher Effort, Knowledge, and Skill in Primary Schools in Africa" is one example of how SDI data can be leveraged to inform present education policy and reform, and guide future research in the field.
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Our Partners

SDI is an initiative coordinated by the Chief Economist Office in the Human Development Practice Group at the World Bank (WB). It was launched in 2010 in partnership with the African Economic Research Consortium; and later joined by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and The African Development Bank. Since its inception, 26 surveys have been completed in 12 countries in Africa, capturing the health and education service delivery experience of over 500 million people. Surveys in Latin America, Eastern Europe, East Asia/Pacific, and South Asia are currently underway.